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   Over the past sixty-five years, the firm has developed expertise and competence in several areas of law.  This diversification is achieved through a team approach to the practice of law.  Our firm recognizes that the problems of today's society are too complex to allow each attorney to adequately serve all client needs while maintaining the highest level of competence.  To solve this problem, all attorneys in the firm restrict their practice to a few areas of law.  Normally, several attorneys in the firm will practice in a particular area as members of a team.  Members of each team are then able to review each other's work and review and discuss current changes in their areas of law.  In addition, this approach allows us to respond promptly to the needs of our clients.

   The team approach also applies to the staff who assist our attorneys in providing legal services.  We have one of the most experienced and qualified legal staffs in the region.  Our six legal assistants have over 120 years of combined experience.  Our legal assistants also restrict the areas in which they work, permitting them to develop competence and deliver quality assistance quickly.

McCarthy, Pederson, Moore & Bocott presently has the following subject matter teams:
   - Litigation
   - Estate Planning and Probate
   - Corporate and Business Planning
   - Real Estate
   - Banking Law
   - Creditors Rights
   - Bankruptcy
   - Domestic Relations

"We take pride in our history and in the expertise and competence with which we serve our clients."
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